Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BUSINESS SAVVY--The 30-Second Resume

Recently I was invited to lunch with a networking club called LeTip (they're mostly an East Coast/West Coast organization, but you can find the nearest chapter HERE.) One of the things the new members (and guests like me) were required to do was take 30 seconds to talk about themselves and--hopefully--share something interesting about themselves.

For me it was easy. After all, I'm a professional speaker. But for the other people put on the spot, it was sheer torture.

You may have heard salespeople talk about their "elevator speech," a short and intriguing personal introduction that gives just enough information about what they do that hooks the listener into asking for more. (I use a variation on this called my "kitchen speech" that I use at parties.)

Here's an example: "So....what do you do?"
"I'm a paid assassin."
"Yes--business leaders hire me to knock off inefficiency and low morale at work!"

Come up with your own 30-second resume...something so unique that people will be begging to know more about you (and more importantly, how to buy what you're selling!)

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