Thursday, January 04, 2007

From Reel Life To Real Life

How do the most effective communicators make their presentations so compelling? They follow the strategy that makes instant classics out of movies or plays. It's all about the story.

Alfred Hitchcock used to say, "Movies are like real life with all the dull parts left out." That's a perfect game plan for anyone who's struggling with a sales pitch or worried about an upcoming speech--leave the dull parts out, concentrate on the action, and give your hero plenty to play with.

That means discovering your "EQ." If "IQ" is your Intelligence Quotient, then effective speaking has an Emotional Quotient. The "EQ" of every powerful presentation provides an investment of images, memories, and shared experiences that grab an audience's attention and refuse to let go. (It makes sense--the conversations you have with family and friends that get the best response are usually big production numbers filled with dramatic devices, so why not use that same approach for your next luncheon speech?

Once you find your speaking "EQ," it'll be time to add the "CQ" and "PQ" to really improve your speaking skills--check out my next monthly newsletter for more information on how using reel life strategies can make your real life presentations more effective. (Sign up at!)

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