Monday, January 01, 2007

Pick A Lane This Year

Happy New Year! I hope the past 12 months were filled with opportunity and inspiration.

You're going to see some changes soon on my web site, I'm trying to focus my energies (not to mention my expertise) in order to become a more powerful connection for people who are struggling with presentation skills. Some changes will be subtle, some very dramatic, but ALL of them will be centered on helping you Act Like A Winner and Talk Like A Pro!

These changes come from some advice I got off a teleseminar with Jane Atkinson, one of the top professional speaker coaches in the world. She says the secret to starting a successful speaker career is to "pick a lane," and it struck me as something I should've done years ago. I've been blessed with a large range of abilities and have always strived to find success in ALL of them! (Too bad I didn't "pick a lane" and focus my attention on just one talent--who knows how far I could've gone by now!)
The point is that it's never too late. No matter where you are in your career, a laser-like focus on your top talent can't help but improve your results in the coming year. I'm looking forward to sharpening my skills with Ms. Atkinson this winter...and if you haven't decided what your best path to success is yet, pick a lane!

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