Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stop Setting Goals!

It's frustrating to see the passion for goal-setting that continues to pervade the advice that management consultants are handing out these days. "Set challenging goals!" "Focus on your dream!" "Chart a course for success!"

Don't get me wrong. I love setting goals. I'm King of the To-Do List. But the problem I have is that too many people get caught up in the "what' and "how"...and they never ask "WHY?" Why do I need this? Why is this goal so important?

It all goes back to The Puzzle Principle--How To Create Long-Term Success In A Short-Term World. Whether you hear my speech or take my seminar, you discover that all the personal and professional goals in the world mean nothing without a clear sense of what the "Big Picture" looks like and why you want it to look like that.

Focus and direction are worthless without the values to support them. That's a success philosophy you can bank on.

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