Friday, April 06, 2007

I. Must. Be. Nuts

Sorry that I haven't posted this month until today...but I've been working 27 hours a day managing three careers.

The reason? I just accepted the position of Managing Director for the Sacramento Theatre Company, an exicting opportiunity which will allow me to utlilze many of the theories and practices I've been writing about over the past 18 months. It also gives me more freedom to travel for my consulting and speaking practice, MARKtalks, Inc.

The bad news? I felt it was important enough to honor my commitment at the radio station to agree to continue my morning show until they find a replacement. That will probably last until the end of April. Soooo......

I get up at 3 in the morning, on the air until 9, head down to the theater until 2pm, and after I pick up the kids at school, I make consulting and coaching phone calls until dinner. (I also just started back with the Sacramento River Cats as their baseball stadium announcer last night.)

I. Must. Be. Nuts.

The good news? I'm doing what I adore. And the 3-a-days will be over soon. Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding. Speaking of which, my March newsletter will arrive this weekend. :-)

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