Friday, April 06, 2007


Saw this post on Marc Orchant's blog on the website ZDNet and couldn't wait to share it with all the other positive people I know:
There's never been a better, more succinct statement of a fulfilling week of work that this morning's acronym form Doc Searls: TBIF - Too Bad It's Friday. Love it.

This is my last day of a busy and fruitful week at the Berkman Center. (I fly home early tomorrow.) There's progress and fun with every meeting, phone call and IM session. I'm here early this morning, freshly fueled by a double cappuccino from Peet's, to prep for a 9am meeting that will pick up where our Wednesday VRM & Public Media workshop left off.

Like Doc, I'm fortunate to have gotten my life to a place where I genuinely enjoy most everything I'm engaged in doing. That's not to say there aren't days that suck because of course there are. But when you can get to Friday and say "TBIF", you know you have gotten into a true flow state.

(I agree with Marc...that's one of the best descriptions of a fulfilling career I've ever read!)

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