Monday, March 13, 2006

MOTIVATION--Everyone's an elevator...'re either lifting people up or you're taking them down. And not many professions are in more need of serious encouragement than teachers. (Jack Canfield, the man who helped bring us all those wonderful Chicken Soup for the Soul books, says that "today's educators are over-stressed and under-appreciated, over-committed and underpaid." As the husband of an award-winning educator and the son of two teachers, trust me, it's true.)

Teaching is one of those professions that come from your heart and soul; people who love to give and serve and help are drawn to it. That’s also why teachers risk getting their hearts broken or being discouraged when things don’t go the way they plan or expect. Teaching is a career that requires so much more of you to succeed. It takes passion, vision, and above all, patience. That’s why teachers need to feed their hearts and souls regularly to recharge... but they rarely do, and as a result, they fall into burnout, or stress, or worst of all, apathy.

Forget "teaching to the test." Teaching is a test. If you know an educator--especially if you have children in school right now--take a minute to thank them for their service!

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