Friday, March 17, 2006

SPEAKING SKILLS--All the world's a stage...

The first question most business people ask me is, "How can I get over my fear of public speaking?"

My answer is, "Stop thinking that your audience is the enemy."

Here's the tip: GREAT speakers talk to the audience like they're good friends, sharing information in an entertaining and emotional way. Think about how fascinating you are when you're at a party telling that hilarious story about how you almost lost your first job...THAT'S the same attitude you should have when you're at the podium, offering your insights based on your life and career experiences. Comfort + confidence = speaking success.

It's like having a water-cooler conversation with a thousand of your closest friends. You're "on stage" every time you tell a joke or share your vacation memories. The next time you have to give a presentation, don't think of it as a "speech", think of it as a colorful conversation and you're the life of the party!

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