Monday, March 20, 2006

RELATIONSHIPS--One-to-one management

Watching the NCAA tournament this weekend, I was struck by something one of the winning coaches said in his post-game press conference. " My guys know I love them all...but I don't love them all the same way."

That's a great analogy for any business leader trying to create a more productive corporate culture. Anyone who's ever coached a team sport will tell you that you can't use the same motivational techniques on every player. There is no "I" in "TEAM"...but there is a "ME" in there somewhere.

Why not use the same approach on your team at work? No two workers are alike, so figure out what makes each of your employees tick and tailor their perk packages to fit their lifestyle. Customizing rewards will make your staff feel special. (Listen--if you're spending millions in marketing collecting information about individual customers and transforming it into tailored offerings, doesn't it make sense to take that same concept and focusing it on your own employees? Remember, customer loyalty starts with employee loyalty.)

Employee-tailored services can be inexpensive and cost-effective, delivering the same bull's-eye impact as target marketing. If you want to build a winning organization, starting looking for the "ME" in "TEAM."

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