Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Swinging The Big Axe

My wife works as a creative arts producer for our church and her boss (our worship leader) just announced that he'll be leaving later this year to start up another church. He's a very talented guy who has tremendous vision but has trouble with follow-through. Which is why my wife is the perfect assistant for him--Sally is the most organized person on the planet.

We were talking Sunday about his move up on the leadership ladder and he recalled the first time he had ever been evaluated for a prominent position. The senior pastor at his old church pointed out to him that he needed to work on handling details better, to which our worship leader said, "I guess I like to swing a big axe."
Here's my reponse to him and something any "visionary" leader should keep in mind:
If you're going to be walking through the woods swinging the big axe, you had better know who's going to be stacking the wood behind you.

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