Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Resolve To Serve

Wondering what you as the leader of your organization can do better this year? Why not resolve to serve your customers with the respect and attention they deserve?

A majority of companies lack a commitment to customers and a continuing poor understanding of the value of customers. A survey conducted by the Strativity Group uncovered these results:
-- 54 percent of senior executives admit they do not deserve their customers' loyalty.
-- 87 percent of execs don't know their average annual customer value.
-- 67 percent agree that their execs do not meet frequently with customers.
-- Only 33 percent say that they have the tools and authority to serve their customers.

The average consumer will probably show more loyalty to the businesses that show them more loyalty. The organizations who make a consistent and passionate effort to show their customers how much they appreciate them will be the ones who thrive, not just survive.

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