Monday, August 21, 2006

LEADERSHIP--Making Chicken Salad Out Of...

21st century leadership takes a bad situation and turns it upside down to the organization's advantage. (I hope someone at Albertson's is reading this and taking the lesson to heart...)

Alana Lipkin has been banned from a couple of supermarket chains simply because they have guarantees that any mispriced items are free--so she goes in to find those errors to get the stuff for free, as advertised.

The knee jerk reaction was to punish this woman for using a legal loophole for her own benefit. But when there's a wrinkle in your plans--try a little steam before you hit it with the iron. If the powers that be were smart, they'd hire Alana as a consultant to go store to store looking for loopholes so they can fix the problems.

Sometimes you need to reward the people who raise the red's a way to say "thanks for helping us improve!"

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