Tuesday, August 29, 2006

LEADERSHIP / MEDIA MATTERS--The Disaster Continues

Sometimes you see something that just makes you shake your head and wonder how some people get into leadership positions. I was flipping through the Sunday morning chat shows when I overheard this stunning statement on Fox News Sunday:
"We promised you an interview with New Orleans City Council President Oliver Thomas, but he apparently overslept this morning. Not only did he not make it to our studio for this interview, but we also understand that he missed a briefing on Hurricane Ernesto this morning."

Obviously, this guy missed a major PR opportunity. But compounding his blunder by missing a emergency planning briefing almost a year to the day that his city was almost wiped out by Hurricane Katrina is unconscionable.

As a leader, everything you do is a lesson to the people you work for (or in this instance, the people you promised to serve.) When you show passion, they'll likely show the same passion. When you show you care, they'll care, too. But when you're too lazy to show up for something vital, don't expect your staff to give a rip, either.

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