Thursday, August 10, 2006

MEDIA MATTERS--Why You Need A Crisis Plan

The news was filled with reports on the thwarted plot to blow up a bunch of trans-Atlantic flights between London and the U.S. It was riveting TV and radio.

Watching the press conference this morning with Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff reminded me that having a crisis management plan for handling the press is not only vital for government agencies, it's a practical necessity for every business and organization. News waits for no one these days.

When you or the organization you're responsible for becomes the lead story, public perception depends on what you do and say over the first 24 hours. What the press writes and reads in their first few stories--not to mention how they see you handle the crisis--sets the tone for almost every report that follows.

Preparing a media crisis plan is like buying life don't like to think about the inevitable before it happens, but it's nice to know it's there when the inevitable finally arrives.

So what's your plan? I'd like to help craft this important piece of your communications strategy (and for more information on my media consulting services and seminar, go to

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