Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SPEAKER SAVVY--Don't Be A Slouch

You'd think that anyone willing to go on camera for an important interview would do everything in their power to look good. New clothes, clean teeth, fresh makeup--it's all good until they sit down. And..........slouch.

It amazes me how many people slouch. Maybe they didn't have parents like mine who constantly reminded me to sit or stand up straight. It may have been torture back then, but as an adult, my posture is powerful non-verbal communication that shows I'm confident and in command.

Here's a trick TV anchors and some radio DJ's use to get the proper position so that they come off looking and sounding sharp--sit on the edge of your seat with one foot placed well in front of the other. Try it! It really makes a difference. (And if you're worried about double-chins, lean forward just a little bit more. It'll give you a jawline Kirk Douglas would be proud of!)

Remember, your message--and maybe your reputation--might depend on a little more backbone.

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