Thursday, August 17, 2006

MEDIA MATTERS--All The World's A Stage...With A Camera Waiting For You

When you're in the public eye, making a lot of public appearances, you had better be sure about your public statements. Because chances are there's a camera and a microphone there to record you.

Here's the latest trend on the campaign trail from National Review Online:
" ongoing challenge for candidates. In both parties, most major campaigns now hire “trackers” – people with videocameras who record what opponents say and do in public. The practice is ethical, provided that the trackers neither misrepresent themselves nor stalk candidates in private or closed events. Candidates now have to watch themselves, or their words will rapidly become ammunition for attack ads."

If you're the CEO or spokesperson for any organization that might have inspired opposition, don't be surprised to see this tactic at your next speech. (Here's an example of how to handle it with class and a sense of humor!)

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