Monday, August 07, 2006


13 years ago today, I made the smartest decision of my life--I married my wonderful wife, Sally. (I'm not sure what's the proper gift for your 13th anniversary...maybe lottery tickets?)

I can honestly say we've never had a fight in all those years. A few minor disagreements, yes. Some hurt feelings from time to time, sure. And once, I made the mistake of telling her she looked a little "frumpy." (The doctors say the limp isn't permanent.) But those tiny turmoils were always quickly resolved and we've never EVER gone to bed angry.

What's our secret? Talk. Lots of talk. I call her from work and always on the way home. If I'm away on business, she schedules short updates so we can catch up during the day. Pillow talk, too, most every night. Not just about the house and the kids, but important life subjects like goals and dreams and faith. You don't get to be best friends without considerable conversation.

What's the point? The point is that if the most important relationship in your life isn't worth regular discussion, how can you hope to be successful in your other relationships? Invest in wordplay. It'll pay off at home as well as the office!

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